James Allison
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James Allison

Day 04 of our Silver Arrows advent calendar and we're jetting off across the globe for the @ausgrandprix! James Allison…
Collected: 4 Dec 17
Mercedes technical boss James Allison has praised Lewis Hamilton, hailing the title leader both as a man & a driver https:…
Collected: 12 Oct 17
James #Allison - Mercedes Technical director; at the today's press conference on working with Lewis and the team. #Japa…
Collected: 6 Oct 17
James Allison speaks so highly of @LewisHamilton. It’s so rare something nice is said about Lewis that is so genuine
Collected: 29 Oct 17
James Allison:"To have won across such a massive regulation change. it's never been done before" #USGP #F1
Collected: 22 Oct 17