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Haas Haas Haas says it needs to be within 0.5s of Ferrari: https://t.co/8JBcIl6Prg #F1 https://t.co/6EfjWzgkjT

Haas says it needs to be within 0.5s of Ferrari

Gene Haas says his Formula 1 team was too far adrift of Ferrari last season and is targeting a one-second improvement in 2018.
Haas says it needs to be within 0.5s of Ferrari

16 Feb 18
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Haas Haas Why @HaasF1Team owner feels the time isn't yet right for an American driver on his team https://t.co/E6yMkQS7Sa https://t.co/…

'We're not ready' for an American driver - Haas

Gene Haas believes his Formula 1 team is not yet good enough for an American driver as it is still lacking the experience needed to develop one.
'We're not ready' for an American driver - Haas

14 Feb 18
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Haas Haas We're not saying no to having an American driver https://t.co/Ym4rjhZiUH #F1 #Haas

F1 Reader - Haas: We're not saying no to having an American driver

Gene Haas plays down Guenther Steiner's comments about American F1 drivers claiming the Italian was misunderstood.

F1 Reader
13 Feb 18